Summary of my Kettlebell Workout

This past week, I devoted 140 minutes (2 hours and 20 minutes) to the kettle bell exercises and walking. I exercised in the morning and I noticed a change in my energy and general well-being. I stayed awake throughout the work day and did not need any stimulants to help me stay awake. It is too early to see my weight drop but I do feel lighter.

The Kettle Worx program is really a true workout. I don’t think I work out the same in the gym on the treadmill or in the elliptical machine. I am really perspiring in 20 minutes!

I am also eating better, eating fruits and vegetables in every meal. I did have ice cream twice but the serving was minimal. As each week progresses, I hope to knock out the fatty food that was in my diet. We are all human and need to be patient with ourselves regarding change.


Kettlebells Workout

I see it everyday, overweight people who are sitting down and not walking or exercising.  I had an old boyfriend who hated fat people. Hate is such a powerful word and just because someone is overweight does not give another person a right to judge another human being.  I don’t hate fat people. I have many friends who are overweight and I see them struggle with their weight on a day to day basis. My friends do not want to be fat, they just cannot get their weight off.  I cannot say that they exercise because they don’t. But, they do eat healthy and wisely.

I started the Kettle Worx work out on September 25th. Ryan and his team makes it look so easy. But, after that 20 minute sample workout in his Introduction CD, I was feeling the pain in my body. The only exercise I have been doing in the last six months was a mile of walking and I thought I was doing a great job with that!

I have completed Week 1 of the Kettle Work workout:  Resistance and Core. I don’t have the cardio DVD yet and hoping  it will be in the mail this week.  I completed Resistance Week 2 today. My body must be getting used to the workout because I did not feel any aches or pains today. And I was feeling more energized than exhausted.

I am combining the Kettle Work workout with yoga. Yoga is not as easy as it looks. I must be so out of shape that I was perspiring in yoga class. I have taken multiple yoga classes and I normally do not perspire as much as I did that last three yoga classes.  The first yoga class that I took at the Yoga Room in Astoria was Hot Yoga and now I know it is not my thing. I was sweating as soon as I walked into class. After thirty minutes of hot yoga, I almost passed out because of the intense heat. It was probably 100 degrees in the room.

I have somehow lost my flexibility because I lost my ability to touch my toes without bending my knees. And I remember when I used to do flips and somersaults when Iwas younger. I can still become flexible with my yoga practice but I know it will take awhile so I need to be patient with the results.


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