I’m Moving….and you should to….

Isn’t the picture of Colorado above beautiful and peaceful?
No wonder Coloradians like to be outside….

I watched a news program on television this past weekend. The news reported that Colorado is the most healthiest and fittest people. Many people live in Colorado because of the nice weather, greenery and the scenery.  The news reported that most people in Colorado Springs love to be outside and love to ride their bike or hike.  Parks are very popular in Colorado and every neighborhood has a park in its perimeter.  I can see why.

On the other spectrum, Mississippi is the least healthiest state,  Must be all of the fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, bacon, and fried catfish that Mississippians eat. Southern food is great for comfort food but not necessarily good for your body.  Maybe Mississippians need to move to Colorado.


Power Walking

women walking

What a glorious fall day it is today!  It was unseasonably warm.  The temperature reached 69 degrees today.  What a magnificent day to take a power walk.  Leaves are falling, the air is warm, and the wind silently blows on the tops of the trees, making a crinkly sound.  To be one with nature.  One would not think the nature exists living in the boroughs of New York.
Being in nature actually relieves your stress.  It is the peacefulness of your surroundings, listening to the birds singing, trees waving their leaves majestically, breathing in the fresh air as you walk.  Inhale. 1-2-3. Exhale. 1-2-3. Taking deep breaths relieves your stress since oxygen is circulating throughout your body and  your cells are able to take in that oxygen, thus causing your body to relax.
Power walking is a great exercise for people who do not like to run either to health reasons or knee problems. Not only is power walking free, but is a great way to exercise outdoors instead of being in a stuffy and smelly gym.  And we all know how to walk so it is something that we don’t need to learn.  Power walking is simply taking big strides with both of your arms bent at a 90 degree angle and fists clenched.  Your arms move one at a time – left-right as your legs take gigantic steps.  Try it. Not only will you be stress free, but you will lose weight as well. In order to lose weight, you will need to power walk 5 times a week.


Dining out with Diabetes

Earl Monroe

I was watching the local news this morning and the topic was Diabetes Awareness and I knew I wanted to include the news piece in my blog!  The guest was Earl Monroe, former legend NBA basketball player of the New York Knicks. If you are like me, I am not familiar with the sports legened so I thought, who is Earl Monroe?  But, it is not important WHO he is but WHAT he represents.   Earl is hosting the first Diabetes Restaurant Month.  Not only is this event educational but teaches people diagnosed with diabetes that they can enjoy eating out while making smart food choices.

Click on Journey for Control to find more information on how to Dine with Earl “The Pearl” Monroe.

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Diabetes Statistics

Here are some statistics:

  • 24 million children and adults in the United States live with diabetes
  • 57 million Americans are at risk for type 2 diabetes
  • 1 out of every 3 children born today will face a future with diabetes if current trends continue
  • Before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have “pre-diabetes” — blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes
  • There are 57 million people in the United States who have pre-diabetes.
  • Recent research has shown that some long-term damage to the body, especially the heart and circulatory system, may already be occurring during pre-diabetes.
  • Three types of diabetes –
  • Type I (Juvenile diabetes) and diagnosed at childhood
  • Type II (Adult onset)
  • Gestational diabetes (once mother gives birth, blood sugars return to normal)

Six Healthy Steps to Improve Your Eating Habits


1.)  Nature is best – eat foods that grow from trees or come from nature.

Trans fat or high frucose syrup does not grow on trees.

2.)  If you can eat fresh, try frozen fruits

Remember fruits don’t have to come from the produce section. Try canned or frozen fruits. It is still a lot healthier than a doughnut.

3.)  Sport drinks are not so sporty

Sports drinks contains so much sugar and calories.  Eat your calories and not drink it.  If you want to drink something sweet, try citrus fruit or pomegranate juice.

4.)  Don’t ignore your cravings

If you are craving ice cream or a doughnut, don’t deprive yourself. It is okay once in a while. T hink of eating an ice cream as a “special celebration”.  It will keep you motivated and focused on if you give in once in a while to your cravings.

5.)  Watching The Food Network is not the same as actually cooking

Watching television while munching on snacks is not a proactive approach to health eating.  If you are watching the Food Network or Top Chef to give you some cooking tips, then it is worth your while to watch.  Make sure you pick up some healthy tips.

6.)  You don’t have to go to Greece for the Mediterranean diet

You can start right now.  Grilled fish, salad and red wine is heart healthy. But, you don’t need to be in Greece to eat it. Start with your own kitchen.

Let me know how healthy eating goes for you. Just remember to be patient with yourself.


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