Diabetes Statistics

Here are some statistics:

  • 24 million children and adults in the United States live with diabetes
  • 57 million Americans are at risk for type 2 diabetes
  • 1 out of every 3 children born today will face a future with diabetes if current trends continue
  • Before people develop type 2 diabetes, they almost always have “pre-diabetes” — blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes
  • There are 57 million people in the United States who have pre-diabetes.
  • Recent research has shown that some long-term damage to the body, especially the heart and circulatory system, may already be occurring during pre-diabetes.
  • Three types of diabetes –
  • Type I (Juvenile diabetes) and diagnosed at childhood
  • Type II (Adult onset)
  • Gestational diabetes (once mother gives birth, blood sugars return to normal)

Six Healthy Steps to Improve Your Eating Habits


1.)  Nature is best – eat foods that grow from trees or come from nature.

Trans fat or high frucose syrup does not grow on trees.

2.)  If you can eat fresh, try frozen fruits

Remember fruits don’t have to come from the produce section. Try canned or frozen fruits. It is still a lot healthier than a doughnut.

3.)  Sport drinks are not so sporty

Sports drinks contains so much sugar and calories.  Eat your calories and not drink it.  If you want to drink something sweet, try citrus fruit or pomegranate juice.

4.)  Don’t ignore your cravings

If you are craving ice cream or a doughnut, don’t deprive yourself. It is okay once in a while. T hink of eating an ice cream as a “special celebration”.  It will keep you motivated and focused on if you give in once in a while to your cravings.

5.)  Watching The Food Network is not the same as actually cooking

Watching television while munching on snacks is not a proactive approach to health eating.  If you are watching the Food Network or Top Chef to give you some cooking tips, then it is worth your while to watch.  Make sure you pick up some healthy tips.

6.)  You don’t have to go to Greece for the Mediterranean diet

You can start right now.  Grilled fish, salad and red wine is heart healthy. But, you don’t need to be in Greece to eat it. Start with your own kitchen.

Let me know how healthy eating goes for you. Just remember to be patient with yourself.


It's Starts with your Mind

I can exercise 5 times a week and be on a diet and may not lose weight. Losing weight is not about the foods we eat or the exercises we shape our bodies to. It is about our own mindset and how we see ourselves and our bodies. How do you see your body? Do you love yourself and embrace your body type for what it is? Or do you hate yourself and dislike your body? Do you call yourself fat?

The first step to weight loss is accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are and your body. Say this affirmation in front of a mirror: “I love myself and my body. My body is beautiful.”

How are you feeling now? I would love to hear your responses. Please fill out the comment form.


High Cost of Chemotherapy

What is the Cost of Chemotherapy

Author: Gen Wright
Cost of chemotherapy is important factor of consideration when you decide to opt for chemotherapy treatment. Cost of chemotherapy treatment depends on many factors which include type of drugs used, amount of dose, duration of treatment and place of the treatment (hospital, clinic or home).

Some of the drugs such as 5 FU or leucovorin which are used in chemotherapy treatment are comparatively inexpensive. However, drugs which are recently available are quite expensive. Cost of chemotherapy increases more if these drugs are administered in combination which sound much expensive. Cost of chemotherapy using inexpensive therapy is around $ 100 to 300 while when expensive drugs are used cost might go to 20000 to 30000 $. These expenses include only drug cost and if you take combination of drug, cost of chemotherapy treatment may increase.

Many patients who are suffering from cancer can not afford such high cost of treatment. It becomes more difficult for extended treatment. Many patients get delay treatment or even skip it entirely just because of cost of chemotherapy. Though uninsured patients suffer the most due to cost of chemotherapy, patients with medical insurance are also affected considerably by the cost of treatment.

Chemotherapy treatment for cancer which improves survivals only by few months troubles not only to patients and their families but also to doctors, insures and society as whole. New chemotherapy drugs which are coming in market are very expensive. Their high cost leads to increase co pays and policy premiums which is not affordable to even for affluent person.

Since people can not afford effective chemotherapy treatment due to high cost, patient may suffer earlier death or disability. And no one provide adequate attention towards this issue.

There are insurance companies which cover part of total cost of chemotherapy treatment. However, some private insurance refuse to pay for some chemotherapy drugs even though this drugs are proven cancer therapies. Companies do this for the sake of reducing their cost.

When you are opting for chemotherapy treatment, make sure that clinical trial that you are going for is covered by your insurance. Consult with your medical team if you are denied payment. You can also ask hospitals, social service office or cancer centers for help regarding your payments. Last option that you can do is to sue insurance company to get money. Many times court takes decision in favor of patient and insurance company to pay for treatment.

Some pharmaceutical companies sponsor some programs related to cancer treatment to help needy patients. You can check whether such program suits your need of treatment.
Such companies sometimes provide treatment free of charge or they pay some part of treatment. Many communities have such programs to help patients suffering from cancer.

Chemotherapy treatment sounds very effective for treating cancer. Do not avoid your treatment because of its cost. Discuss the situation with your doctor, medical team and family and find a way out. Many insurance companies and other social organization are there to help the patients suffering from cancer.
About the Author:

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