About Me

Hello and welcome to Be Healthy, Well, and Inspired.  My name is Anna and  however it is you found me,  I am glad you are here.

Instead of boring you with a long bio, I wrote 10 random facts about me. I feel you can get a better sense of who I am with random facts.  In  the spirit of learning about me, here are some random facts:

1.)  I live in NYC and Maryland.

2.)  I am a romantic at heart and love pretty things.  I love hearts and anything to do with Love.

Love Sculpture in NYC

3.)  I am a foodie.  I love eating food and will try new foods once.  I love that NYC offers so many cuisines to for me to try.  I joined groups just to try out new restaurants that I may never hear of.  My recent exotic foods I have tried are camel, ostrich, and goat meat. I am not a fan of goat but camel and ostrich was fantastic!


4.)  I love to travel to faraway places  and wish I can travel more often.  I traveled to  the United Arab Emirates. My first time in the Middle East. Visiting the Middle East was interesting and wished I tried more of the local foods.  I visited the country of Kenya last year. It was my first time in Kenya and in the continent of Africa. Amazing place!  I’d like to make a bucket list to visit all 50 states in the US and all of the continents of the world.  Isn’t this a beautiful picture of a sunset?

Masai Mara Sunset in Kenya

5.)  I like taking classes. It can be any class – blogging class, journaling class, or continuing education classes. I feel I always have to be taking classes and learning something new. Learning is lifelong.  I am currently taking a project management class and hope to take my PMP certification at the end of the year.

6.)  I am a nurse by background and I started this blog in October 2009. The original purpose for me to start this blog was to offer resources to my readers in a holistic way:  body, mind, and spirit.  My blog has evolved into creativity, simplicity, and has recently  become more of a health resource with guests posts.  I’d like to change that direction and start writing more about transformation and inspiration.

7.)  I  am learning how to relax. I thought relaxing was sleeping until I was told otherwise.  I always feel like I must be doing something at all times and at the end of the day, I have to feel like I did not waste my day.  I have taken a meditation class without success. I ended up sleeping and that was 6 years ago. I used to wake up early to do guided meditation.  I am taking a mediation class again at a Buddhist meditation center founded by Pema Chodron.  I’ve had my first class and its been hard and uncomfortable. I meditate everyday for 15 minutes.

8.) I would love to be a minimalist and have instituted no spends in various months.  I only spend money on items I need like food.

9.) I believe in making myself a better me and read many personal development books.  I recently attended an Omega event and was inspired by Elizabeth Lesser,  Geneen Roth, and Byron Katie.  I like meeting like minded people who inspire me to make me my best self!

Byron Katie at Omega in NYC

10.)  I believe there is an inner creative inside me.  The only creative exercise I  participate in is writing and making visual journals.    In 2010, I realized creativity was missing from my life so I participated  in art journaling, sewing, crocheting, knitting, card making, postcard making, and photography.  I’ve had many people support me in my endeavors (because I realized I wasn’t very good). A wise person told me I would not get good at these crafts unless I practiced everyday. Well said!