{green living} What’s your Plastics IQ?

I traded in my plastic containers for glass when I read about heating plastic was considered a health risk to me in the exposure of dioxins. But, not so.  I found this claim to be true but exposure to dioxins when reheating food in plastics is very minimal.

But I still consider using glass containers a beneficial move for me.  One, glass heats better in the microwave than plastic containers and they don’t warp after a few uses. Second, it is a lot easier to clean red pasta sauce from glass containers than plastic. I cannot seem to get the red sauce stains out of my plastic containers.  Speaking of plastics, do you know there is a number at the bottom of your plastic containers?  Have you seen it?  Have you wondered what these numbers meant?  Here is a run down of the numbers.

1 = polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or (PETE) – considered the safest plastic

2 = high density polyethylene (HDPE) – safe and recyclable

3 = polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – neither safe or recyclable

4 = low density plyethylene (LDPE) –  safe and recyclable

5 = polypropylene (PP)  – safe and recyclable

6 = polystyrene (PS) – recyclable

7 = pilycarbonate or other – material varies

According to this chart, if you see the numbers 3 or 6 on the bottom of your plastic container, don’t buy it. You are not doing yourself or your environment any good.  For number 7’s, just do some research first in your area because it varies in each state.


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